How To Get An Internship Under Experienced Doctor?

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If you have just passed out of medical school and in the search for the possibility of an internship under an experienced doctor, then there are a few relevant choices which you can opt for. One, you can search online for such opportunities or directly approach doctors and present your application for the same. While searching online, you can look for such openings on free classifieds like OLX.


There are many medical clinics, hospitals, health-care centers and independent doctors who put up such posts searching for a doctor to undergo his or her internship under doctors in clinics. Do remember to have your CV ready complete with all the relevant information before applying for such internship jobs. The advantage of searching for such internships via classifieds is that you can get an opportunity that is very close to your residence or in your locality itself.


Then, you can opt to put in an alert in search engines for whenever such relevant openings come, you will receive an email. Alternatively, you can contact your seniors for information about such openings. Then, one also has the choice to directly approach a medical institution or a doctor working independently, to submit one’s application for an internship. All colleges have a fixed time during the year when the internship program comes up.


So, health centers and clinics are looking for doctors to undergo the specified time period of an internship under them. As a medical professional looking for an internship program, be sure to keep an eye for such openings as the number of seats available is limited in each center. But nevertheless, there are many such job vacancies postings. So this is one of the most effective ways by which you could get an internship under an experienced doctor.

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