Difference Between Books And e-Books And How To Buy Books Online

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First the basics! A book is a physical item that can be held in hands to be read. It contains the text and images if any, printed on paper. These numerous pages of a book are bounded together either in paperback or hardcover. On the other hand, an e-book is available in an electronic format. It is in the form of a file and can be read via an e-reader gadget. The next major difference a book and an e-book is that the in the former there can be alterations made of in the formatting along with font type and font size but in the latter, it can be done.

A reader according to one’s choice can change the font type, font size, the line spacing and various aspects of the layout according to one’s liking. Another difference between the two is that books are lengthier than –books. While books can have 50,000+ words, the e-books have roughly around 10,000 to 15,000 words. The other ways that the e-books are different from the books are that e-books are mostly cheaper than books and they cannot get physically damaged like been torn or get wet. Last but not the least; e-books can be stored in hundreds in a e-book device at one particular time

A major difference lies in the experience of reading too as it is a different feeling reading via books and e-books. Each reader has their own preference. Books can easily be bought online. There are a number of options to buy a book; both new and a used one online. There are many online retails stores which sell a variety of books and major bookshop brands have their own websites also, where a buyer can opt to buy a book from. Alternatively, there is the option of free classifieds to choose to buy books online. One can easily buy a new or used/second-hand book in a number of genres through free classifieds . Classifieds are a major medium to buy and sell online in a number of categories.

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