classified submissions vs ad posting

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Well, to describe the meaning of classified submission vs ad posting is not hard to describe because its quite easy. For those who are actually want to know the meaning of classified submission and ad posting I would say there is a very little difference or no difference. Ad posting often refers to a multiple ad submission where as classified submission is often referring to a genuine classified ads submission which means those who are really interested in posting ads.


Classified submission and ad posting seems similar but, in most cases, ad posting refers to an ad submission by third party who is specialized in ads posting. Those could be either free classifieds ads or a premium classified ad depending on the advertiser who is spending money on ad posting promotion. This is another type of advertising but it works differently because this is a free advertising but when someone hire to post ads the charges occur.


Most ad posting companies and individual persons often search for a classifieds list which is useful for them because promotion gives much benefit when ad poster often post ads on multiple sites. This is most cost-effective way to promote any product, business or website as well. Most new business owners often try classified website instead of any other types of advertising because this is one of the best.


Either you choose to post free ads or ad posting, you will get the same results because ad posting companies or person often forget to make an ad unique which is very important if you want to get benefit from your premium classified ads. If you are posting free ads then there will be no restrictions. There are some websites which are providing google search rankings also which means you can always get better results from those classified advertising platforms. 

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